Android has now given me another chance to keep this Blog alive. This page is exclusive to Android related posts. Nexus 4 has brought much of an excitement 2 my couple of years of Android experience. Don’t expect anything about custom ROMs n all here in this page as am no geek. May be some tips and tricks and information about apps you already find in Playstore thatz working/useful at least for me.

My Phones

Nexus 4

Android 4.4 KitKat Upgrade

Exchange sync issue

Home settings in Kitkat

My Phones

Xperia U was my first Android phone that came with Gingerbread (2.3) and later Sony pushed and upgraded to ICS (4.0). During Feb’13 bought a little known Chinese brand phone Gionee CTRL V3 (Gionee is a well known brand in China),it is one of the OEMs for Indian brands like Micromax. I Was pretty much happy with the performance of V3. It has a very good display, 4.3 IPS screen, and had butter smooth performance with 1GHz dual core processor and 5MP shooter with very little bloatware. It was worth more than 9K INR.

Nexus 4

Latest to join the list is the Nexus4 bought in US (thanks to Y) after Google announced a price cut to clear the inventory to make way for Nexus 5. It was a very sweet deal for around 15K INR (260$) compared to mid range phones from Samsung/LG. JellyBean4.2 was on board and few days later during October’13, N4 got JB4.3 upgrade.


Android 4.4 KitKAt upgrade

The major advantage with Nexus line is that you will most likely taste the latest version of Android very soon after it reaches market. Same is the case for Kitkat for Nexus4. It was pushed within couple of weeks after Nexus5 release with KitKat.



Note: After a day of usage, I haven’t seen any visible difference in my N4 with KitKat except for much visible Battery drain.

Exchange sync issue

KitKat OTA update appeared for my Nexus 4 yesterday and while waiting for 4.4 these many days, read a lot already about Bluetooth and Exchange sync issues in Android 4.4. I don’t have my nexus 4 paired with any Bluetooth devices, so not worried about the Bluetooth issue. But for Exchange sync issue I thought let me give a try and use 3rd party app if it after upgrade.
I removed my Exchange account before upgrade. As expected after kitkat upgrade I could not add my Exchange account. When u open default Email app to add account, it will ask for email and password. If u try to connect after entering the details, it fails and you will have option to go to the manual settings.

Fix: Instead of email id and password in the initial screen, look for the field “Username”, provide the domain/userid and try to connect in manual account settings and it worked. There are some actual issues in Kitkat regarding exchange sync as I read but for few like me, I guess it is more of how you are setting up the account.

Home settings in KitKat

When you are using 3rd party launchers like Nova,Go,Apex etc., and selected the 3rd party launcher as defauly, you need to go to setting and manage apps and clear the data to reset the home launcher to default one. Google has made it easy in KitKat. It expects a lot of user of old Nexus to use 3rd party launchers to get a taste of Google Home launcher which is an exclusive feature in Nexus 5. You will see a new menu under Settings->Diplay->”Home”.


Open Home and you will find the list of launchers available including Default “Launcher”. Select the one you like to set as the default launcher. It is really very easy with switch between launchers. I had used Nova in my Gionee V3 and waiting for it to come out with a final release compatible with N4 KitKat and have the Google NOW in one of the home pages.





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