14 comments on “BSNL Excel recharge method

  1. Why not have an on site option of recharging excel from home via netbanking? Idea does it. Without requiring a credit card no.

  2. We must have an on-site option of recharging excel. If not with a credit card, at least with NetBanking one must try to explore the possibilities.

  3. hi, I have a question, we can actually recharge through SMS if you register your number in ATM ( all most all banks support this feature). This facility is there in VODAFONE, AIRTEL etc. I want to know whether this facility is there for BSNL, excel also, if any one knows about this , please reply????

  4. not getting the line for 123 at all(always busy). bsnl service needs to improve a lot.required option through internet recharge for exel card charging.

  5. This is the worst sevice provider in the world…
    There is no facility to recharge through online….
    Please who visit this site dont take BSNL connection……………….

  6. Hi We can recharge bsnl in online through net banking….just go to oxicash.in, there on need to top up the vallet first (i mean oxicash vallet) then you can recharge or top-up your mobile…NO SERVICE TAXES HERE

  7. this the worlds worst and perverted which does not have any online recharge facility im sad that i have bsnl connection

  8. Dear Sir,

    Dawood from dubai,I would like to recharge my bsnl mobile no from dubai.Is there any way to recharge like that?can i recharge thro credit card plz clarify my doubt sir

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